Cruel Recession Time in India after 2005: No Jobs




It is a cruel recession time in India after 9/11 Attacks. The worst hit time starting from 2002 and reaching maxima in 2005. In 2007, we found another hit. Due to recession, people are not getting jobs in IT / Software Industry for more than 4 years at a stretch. People with B.Tech Degree are not getting jobs. People with M.Tech Degree are getting lesser jobs.


I had a B.Tech Degree in Electronics Engineering from IEM Kolkata (Kalyani University) with more than 83% marks and I had no job after 2008. I passed out in Engineering in 2003.


If anybody knows any reference of IT jobs in India where I can apply and where there will be reliable screening and job interviews, please let me know urgently. I am hunting for jobs in IT from 2008 and now it is already middle of 2013.


Please help and let me know in my mobile +917278539338 anytime from anywhere.





Rohan Sarker

Software Engineer





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