Software Jobs are getting extinct and rare in India after 2003

I am Rohan Sarker from Kolkata, India and I had a B.Tech Degree of Institute of Engineering & Management Kolkata in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in 2003 with 83% marks.

I am jobless in Kolkata from 2007. No company from Software in India is interviewing me. The only word that I hear from IT is “Rejected”.

Please help me in getting a job in Software in India. You can contact me in my Gateway Website: or mail me in or call me at +917278539338 or +919674221741 or +913324288069 anytime from anywhere.


I got a HR Degree (DHRM) from Welingkar Mumbai in 2013 and everyone from my family told me that it is an useless degree and that I will never get any job in next 30 years and all I will do is to sell my Flat and pay my loans and live by fixed deposit in bank with the residual amount. Sometimes I think of purchasing 1 Taxi / Cab with the selling money of my flat and to earn money.

Please help me in securing a job in Software in India.



Rohan Sarker

Software Engineer








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