Job Interviews Rejection in Software Jobs in India after 2003

I need real legal counselling on getting Software Jobs in India. It is becoming a reality that getting decent IT jobs in India depends on having good pairing with friendly and modern girl friends and which is not favouring my sides of coin now. I need genuine legal advice on how to get successful job interviews as I am facing career problem since I passed out from Engineering in 2003. What is happening to me? It appears that some evil force is trying to manipulate me and drive me in to darkness where from I cannot return. Let me introduce myself to you.

I am Rohan Sarker from Kolkata, India and I had a B.Tech Degree of Institute of Engineering & Management Kolkata in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in 2003 with 83% marks and scored above 85 Percentile in GATE 2003 Exam.

Please help me in getting a decent job in Software in India. You can contact me in my Explorer Website which will appear to you like a Voyager Ship: or mail me in or call me at +917278539338 or +919674221741 or +913324288069 anytime from anywhere.

I am not getting any jobs in Software in India after 2007. I am getting Job Interview Rejections now and then.  I got 5 rejection letters from IBM India, 3 Rejection Letters from Accenture India, 3 Rejection Letters from TCS, 5 Rejection Letters from Infosys, 1 Rejection Letter from Wipro, 3 Rejection Letters from CTS and so on. Life is so dark and poisonous. No one is helping me to get a job in Software in India. It is like that I am in the Dark Ages when there was no education and opportunity.

Please mail me or call me at +917278539338 or +919674221741 or +913324288069 for job interviews calls in software. For me it is so happening that I am not getting enough trust and confidence in job interviews and most of the calls are from blackmailing, rudeness, arrogance and fake and illegal Human Resource practices. Please help me on that. Kindly give me legal advice on the same. I went to CSC Chennai in 2008 and I could not work there as CSC UK guys used to call me as “BAPI” and used to treat me like cheap labour.

After 2012, someone advice me to marry a rich fashion model from New Delhi or to marry a rich businesswoman. I cannot remember how many set-points where applied on me. Please help me.

I want to get rid of these evil malpractices. Please show me the Divine Truth. I want a good job in Software that gives me self respect and experience in terms of knowledge and gives me circle of good friends.



Rohan Sarker

Software Engineer









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