Paid Intern-ships is making Software Job Recruitment corrupt than ever after in India after 2003

Indian Software Recruitment is horrible after 2003 and reached a nasty peak after 2006. People are asked to resign with no reason. I just watched the movie “The Internship” about Google Recruitment Policy on Interns and I was shocked and horrified that qualified candidates are not selected.

In India during recession from 2006 to 2013, people are threatened by Recruitment Team about paying money for Paid Internships which makes the life of people like me who are jobless from 2006 horrible. Just take a look at the email that I received today that shows the dirty recruitment business in India after 2002-2003.


Subject: Reply to your profile for Java Developer
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 13:31:43 +0530

Dear Candidate,


Thank you for your employment application that we received on July 24, 2013. We appreciate your interest in Odisys Technologies for the position of Java Professional

We regret to inform you that, at present your profile has few short coming to match our specific requirement. However, your application has been selected for the paid training program that we are conducting for fresher’s. This is a Self-financed 6-month full time training Program where you will be paid a stipend of Rs 5000/month.


This is Full time & Fresher’s Oriented Program where Personal attention is provided to every Individual during the program. Learning is made so interactive that everyone learns in a Real-time Industry Development Environment. It will be a comprehensive hand on Program and you’ll enjoy a distraction-free, Interactive & Corporate Learning Environment.

Duration: 26 weeks.

Payment Schedule:

1.       Before Joining date                          Rs.50,000

2.       After 2 months   joining date        Rs.50,000

3.       After 4 months   joining date        Rs.50,000

On joining you will receive an appointment letter under the payroll of Odisys with a designation of Trainee programmer. On Successful Completion of the Training program you will go through client interviews and salary will be fixed as per the requirement and client selection. However a regular salary of Rs 5000/month will be paid till you get selected by clients. We also have provision to engage you in our existing projects where client interview may not be required. In such cases a convincing salary would be fixed for you.

You can expect starting salary in the range of Rs. 1, 00,000/- to 3, 00,000/- per annum after the completion of course and on selection of the client. Odisys Technologies will provide the fixed salary of Rs.5000/– from the first month onwards till the selection of client


we have shortlisted 200 profiles out of more than 2000 profiles. Our current requirement is only for 25 resources on this format. Kindly confirm your acceptance by 12th Aug 2013 following which we will start interview process.


Thanks and Regards,


Odisys Technologies



The mail is asking for money shamelessly to candidates by declaring them as invalid for recruitment having no adequate skills.

I cannot live a life like this and I am getting frustrated day by day. Please help me in getting a decent job in Software in India. You can contact me in my Magical Website which will appear to you like a Fairy God Mother: or mail me in or call me at +917278539338 or +919674221741 or +913324288069 anytime from anywhere.

I will be very grateful to receive reliable job interview offers from your end.

Thanking you.



Rohan Sarker

Software Engineer








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