Al-Qaida links increasing in India after recession in 2002-2003: Where are all the Software Jobs gone in India?

Indian Software Industry is gone. No jobs after 2003. I got no jobs after passing out from Engineering in 2003. Al-Qaida Terrorist links are increasing. Most of the Software Guys working in India are linked with Al-Qaida. They are stealing our jobs. Take the example of my yesterday interview in Rebaca Technologies Kolkata. The interviewer rejected me in the First Round because I was technically more competent that them. These guys and girls are all terrorists. I am totally frustrated. I need a job in Software in India that is ethical and legal.  Please help me by contacting me for software jobs in India: or mail me in or call me at +917278539338 or +919674221741 or +913324288069 anytime from anywhere.

I do not want to be a scapegoat of Indian Terrorism in Russia, USA & UK. I want to be a free loving person. Please contact me for jobs.

Thanking you.




Rohan Sarker

Software Engineer









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