Proving jobless software guys as Gay Cyber Bullying Guys during Recession in 2002-2003: Jobless from 2003 to 2013

Indian Software Industry needs real help. Proving talented Software Engineers as jobless from 2002-2003 till 2013 was the evil witch design of the Indian Software Industry assisted by harmful design of NASSCOM. The Indian Software Industry proved the jobless software guys as Gay Cyber Bullying Guys who fucked & raped the Social Networking Sites (Twitter, Facebook) and killed many innocent girls in many countries. Things had changed negatively against our favour of getting a decent Software Job in India. So please help talented guys like me in getting jobs by clicking the link below: or mail me in or call me at +917278539338 or +919674221741 or +913324288069 anytime from anywhere.

New Delhi is a Global Warming Spot and full of active cameras network ready to prove us as jobless gay cyber bullying persons. Railway Network in and around Delhi is full of cops ready to program jobless guys as culprits. Please help us in this nasty situation which is made more harmful by BJP, Trinamool & Marxists. Please help us in getting a job by calling us at +917278539338 and clicking my Home Page ASAP.




Rohan Sarker

Software Engineer











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