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Dear Manager / Reviewer / Supervisor,
Thank you for your kind words. I wish you National Buy a Musical Instrument Day 2015 greetings full of love, cakes, mathematics, coding, relativity, gravity, exclusivity, dating, social networking, Agile Modeling, blogging, angels, fairies, blessings, flowers, wonders, greetings, magic & miracles from !!! I wish you all the success in life. I am inspired by you. I am a Software Engineer – HR turned Entrepreneur. I started doing Internet Business from 2008 after resigning from Wipro Technologies in 2007 – 2008. I had nearly 4 years work experience and 7.5 years Business experience. My Entrepreneurship was well rewarded when I reached Semi-Final (Top 100 Teams) in IIT Kharagpur – Empresario 2014-2015. My Site with “Buy Software Solutions” Page had Google Rank 37 as per review from a Poland Internet Company for Search Keyword “Telecommunication Industry CLEARWATER”. I had more than 7K visitors count in my Site as of now with Facebook Likes in my Site as nearly 5K+ Likes. For contacting me, call me at +913324288069 or email me at You can also buy my eBooks (1 copy sold for each eBook as of now from Amazon & SnapDeal) from the links given below:
I launched eBook in Amazon Kindle on September 25 2014 at Kindle Price: INR 91.00 including free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet available in the Link:
I launched eBook in Snapdeal on November 07 2014 at Price: INR 91.00. This is an eBook in PDF Format which can be downloaded after buying from Snapdeal and doing UserID Credentials available in the Link:
A completely new attractive Buy Page from my Site at is now available in the Link:
I wish you all the best in career.
Rohan Sarker
CEO & Founder
SwitchGate CrystalShift
Skype: arati_genius


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